Politics Of Envy

In my opinion, much of the left’s agenda is driven by envy. By an “I want that, too” dynamic (without the actual, you know – work – to have “that”). They demand equal outcomes for unequal efforts on a regular basis. So we come to this little gem:

Some of the leading liberal bloggers are privately furious with the major progressive groups – and in some cases, the Democratic Party committees – for failing to spend money advertising on their sites, even as these groups constantly ask the bloggers for free assistance in driving their message.

It’s a development that’s creating tensions on the left and raises questions about the future role of the blogosphere at a time when a Dem is in the White House and liberalism could be headed for a period of sustained ascendancy.

A number of these top bloggers agreed to come on record with me after privately arguing to these groups that they deserved a share in the ad wealth and couldn’t be taken for granted any longer.

“They come to us, expecting us to give them free publicity, and we do, but it’s not a two way street,” Jane Hamsher, the founder of FiredogLake, said in an interview. “They won’t do anything in return. They’re not advertising with us. They’re not offering fellowships. They’re not doing anything to help financially, and people are growing increasingly resentful.”

Hamsher singled out Americans United for Change, which raises and spends big money on TV ad campaigns driving Obama’s agenda, as well as the constellation of groups associated with it, and the American Association of Retired Persons, also a big TV advertiser.

Personally, I run the Crabitat on my own money and fully expect to never make a dime doing this. I also find my own topics to post about (with a few hot tips on Animal Uprising™ stories).

A different dynamic operates elsewhere, obviously. For dutifully reporting on other’s delivered talking points, the bloggers in question expect to be paid/rewarded.

I think this post reveals more than a bit less-than-flattering information about the leftosphere than they realize.

Via Memeorandum (One of those places I go to find things to post about).

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