Obsessive Denigration

Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s just completed Debase and Abuse America World Tour®: “When Austria is mocking you, you’re having a bad week“.

Our president came bearing a basketful of mea culpas. With varying degrees of directness or obliqueness, Obama indicted his own people for arrogance, for dismissiveness and derisiveness, for genocide, for torture, for Hiroshima, for Guantanamo and for insufficient respect for the Muslim world.

And what did he get for this obsessive denigration of his own country? He wanted more NATO combat troops in Afghanistan to match the surge of 17,000 Americans. He was rudely rebuffed.

He wanted more stimulus spending from Europe. He got nothing.

From Russia, he got no help on Iran. From China, he got the blocking of any action on North Korea.

And what did he get for Guantanamo? France, pop. 64 million, will take one prisoner. One! (Sadly, he’ll have to leave his bridge partner behind.) The Austrians said they would take none. As Interior Minister Maria Fekter explained with impeccable Germanic logic, if they’re not dangerous, why not just keep them in America?

That’s the real story here. Obama took every opportunity to take shots at America and America, no doubt endearing himself to America haters here and abroad. But all those mea culpas produced nothing. Not one of Obama’s desired outcomes came from all that abasement.

Not one.

UPDATE: Commenter Terrence pointed this one out: President Pantywaist.

Yep, Europe is all kinds of impressed with Obama’s Magical Misery Tour.

He showed Europe he’s not a strong leader. We can walk over him.

Great job, Barry.

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4 Responses to Obsessive Denigration

  1. Judith says:

    It does not bode well when the leader of the country shows his blatant contempt for said country.
    What happens when a narcissist is exposed as a clown?

  2. steve m says:

    Not one? Really?
    Well, what were the desired outcomes?

  3. Andrew X says:

    If this had been Bush, chapter 458,879….

    So Bush goes over there, gets mocked and denied everything at official levels…. he comes back. Anyone think he is not gonna be pissed? Ya think eveyone, here and elsewhere, is gonna be at least a smidge nervous? Oh, he ain’t gonna launch a buncha nukes, it’s just that…. he’s gonna start the squeeze on the people in question. His enemies here may laugh all they want at how Europe treated him, but even they realize that Bush is gonna push back at them somewhere. They won’t like it, but they expect it.

    So….. does ANYONE on planet Earth think that Obama is going to push back over this? To say, “we gave you guys so much that you wanted (i.e. “the Great Me”), and THIS is what we got?? Sorry guys, this is gonna cause problems.”

    Is anyone nervous about THAT? Yeah right. We’re nervous about other things, but not that. Because Obama will not use American power and American authority in America’s interests, at all. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. WHO should be nervous about crossing or ticking off Obama? His fellow Americans who are in the oppostion. Period. No one else. No one.

    That is who we elected last November.

  4. Terrence says:

    President Pantywaist, as per the Times of London, is a farce.

    The British and the Europeans were not impressed with Pantywaist’s apology tour. However, the Somalian Muslim Pirates seem to be fine with Pantywaist and his “present” vote on seizing American citizens.

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