Building A Meme

Make no mistake about what this is about. This is astroturfing on a White House scale. I have heard this repeated recently over and over and over again with increasing frequency in the media. Supposedly, guns from America are arming the Mexican drug gangs. 

“Ninety percent of all weapons we are seizing in Mexico, Bob, are coming from across the United States,” he said, citing the high number of Federal firearms licenses a few miles north of the border. “Just on the Arizona and Texas borders with Mexico alone there are approximately 7,000 FFLs, federal firearms licensees. And weapons bought by the drug syndicates, directly or proxy purchases, are coming from those gun shops.”

Schieffer noted that the NRA has taken issue with the statistic, and asked the ambassador where the data originates – a question Sarukhan did not directly answer, although he used the example of a recent weapons seizure in a border town to explain how much ammunition U.S. sellers are directing to drug cartels.

“We seized more than 250 assault weapons and half-a-million rounds of ammo, these have just crossed over the border,” he explained. “By tracing back these weapons, by looking at the type of weapons, we determined that most of these weapons are coming from the United States.”

Pushed by Schieffer about how Mexican authorities can be so sure the majority of the weapons originated in the States, Sarukhan said through research with AFT they discovered that most the grenades are coming from Guatemala, while most of the assault weapons come from the United States.

This is the meme that is being built to take guns away from law-abiding Americans. Or if not to take away, to burden law-abiding citizens with onerous laws. Don’t believe it? Go to and search HR 45 in pending bills.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the Instalanche. (Although my hit counter is crying and screaming in the corner right now.) Please do look around a bit if you have followed the link. We have polar bears being fed by apparent animal lovers, the new 1040BO form and some information on why wind power is a lot of wind. Thanks for visiting.

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7 Responses to Building A Meme

  1. Robert says:

    The Mexicans are already disarmed while this bunch lies about needing MORE gun control. Let’s have a gun-free border! It ought to work at LEAST as well as the gun-free high seas have been working lately off Somalia. Think gun control will work any better than drug control?
    Detroit, DC, Chicago, Mexico, LA, the ocean off Somalia…all gun-free paradises where violence is unknown!
    It’s really true, when you outlaw guns, then only the outlaws have guns.
    The Gun controllers have blood on their hands while claiming righteousness. What liars.
    Human being have the human right to defend themselves. Period.

  2. Letalis Maximus, Esq. says:

    There are 7,000 FFLs on the Mexican border in Texas and Arizona? Does that number include Curio & Relic FFL holders?

  3. Gaius says:

    Which leads to a question. Where, exactly, did the Mexican ambassador get the figures of exactly how many American FFL holders there are in a given area?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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  5. Jack says:

    And the follow-up question – since FFL holders have to keep meticulous records, each gun traced to the US can be traced to a specific FFL. If *any* sales were illegal, why haven’t the FFL holders been arrested and proudly paraded on the national stage to show what the US is *now* doing to combat this *new* international menace ^H^H^H^H^H^H overseas contingency?

  6. john says:

    BS, you evil imperialists are supplying the drug gangs with guns. The Mexican government is right to be concerned – they should build a fence right across the border and step up patrols to stop all those Yankee smugglers and illegals from trying to get into Mexico and abuse their welfare system. That will show you american dogs.

  7. Californio says:

    Ahem. [I say this as someone whose family roots in what is now the American Southwest go back 400 years. So America came to us, not the other way around.]
    How dare any Mexican government official have the gaul to lecture the USA about a strictly internal domestic matter. So does the impact of such domestic political realities directly affect the government and people of Mexico? Perhaps! Sort of like illegal immigration to the USA can trace back to the internal domestic political positions of ….Mexico. So if Jeffe Senior Ambassador wishes to allow the back and forth meddling in the internal affairs of each other’s countries – SO BE IT. But there shall be no tears later about “insults” to Mexico’s national pride. I tell you from bitter familial experience : Mexico has NO national pride.

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