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Is It Still Hip And Cool…..

…When Grandma joins Facebook? An interesting little article from CNN says that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women 55 years old and greater – a stunning 550% growth rate in just six months. There are now about 1.5 … Continue reading

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A Crooked Dealer And A Rigged Game

Sally C. Pipes, of the Pacific Research Institute, writes a piece today for the Examiner about the Obama health care plan. Let’s just say it’s not at all complimentary. But private plans would face significant disadvantages from the start. Legislators … Continue reading

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Robert Samuelson points out that Obama’s promises are mirages. Since the dawn of the Industrial Age, this has been simple: produce more with less. (“Productivity,” in economic jargon.) Mass markets developed for clothes, cars, computers and much more because declining costs … Continue reading

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