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Seems Fair…..

I read this particular article and a thought occurs to me: Hillary took in $5.6M in 1st quarter In the first three months of the year, Hillary Clinton paid off $3.7 million in bills left over from her failed presidential … Continue reading

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With a very well-publicized, hyper-disciplined, White House coordinated penchant for astroturfing control, with ample evidence of media tankage, we are, one presumes, to believe this sudden flurry of “news” and “opinion” items is just a coincidence. Item: Homeland Security is suddenly very … Continue reading

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And Mad At Taxes

Glenn Reynolds, writing in the Wall Street Journal, notes that the madness for taxes noted in the previous post is increasingly motivating those who are mad at taxes to mobilize: Today American taxpayers in more than 300 locations in all 50 … Continue reading

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Mad For Taxes

The Wall Street Journal reports on the taxation madness brewing in Oregon. The Democrats there have decided that an oppressive, regressive tax increase of 1,900% on beer is a great idea. You read that right. A 1,900% tax increase. Today is … Continue reading

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