Mad For Taxes

The Wall Street Journal reports on the taxation madness brewing in Oregon. The Democrats there have decided that an oppressive, regressive tax increase of 1,900% on beer is a great idea. You read that right. A 1,900% tax increase.

Today is the dreaded April 15, but at least in Oregon it’s even going to cost you more to drown in your tax sorrows. In their sober unwisdom, the state’s pols plan to raise taxes by 1,900% on . . . beer. The tax would catapult to $52.21 from $2.60 a barrel. The money is intended to reduce Oregon’s $3 billion budget deficit and, ostensibly, to pay for drug treatment……

……But Democrats who run the legislature are desperate for the revenues to help pay for Oregon’s 27.9% increase in the general fund budget last year. If they have their way, every time a worker steps up to the bar and orders a cold one, his tab will rise by an extra $1.25 to $1.50 a pint. Half of these taxes will be paid by Oregonians with an income below $45,000 a year. Voters might want to remember this the next time Democrats in Salem profess to be the party of Joe Six Pack.

The impact on Oregon’s microbrewery industry will doubtless be devastating. Notice that this is happening all across the country. Mad tax increases in a time of economic recession, mostly, if not completely, led by state Democrats. New York is teeing off on the “rich” in that state (“rich” being defined as a much lower income level than Obama’s rhetoric). Even Iowa is planning crippling tax increases targeted at “rich” taxpayers.

All to fuel massive state increases in outlays.

This on top of the utterly mad spending plans in Washington is really beginning to bite on both Joe Six Pack and the rapidly-becoming-poorer “rich” alike.

Our economic golden goose is being cooked by spend and tax policies brought to you by totally insane politicians.

They have gone mad for taxes at a time when the economy can least absorb those additional burdens.

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  1. kidrob says:

    hmm. hope and change brother! what’s next? oh i know lets tax television viewing( only sporting events of course). mmm warm tea and pbs viewing!

  2. I fled NY 30 years ago. Don’t miss it at all.

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