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NYT Columnist: The REAL Enemy Is The US Military

Or rather, veterans thereof. In a remarkably fact-free opinion filled with “may” “probably” and “could” statements, a New York Times op-ed columnist warns of the “danger” American veterans “could” pose – according to the US Department of Homeland Security. He also … Continue reading

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The Wages Of Apology

Obama’s European Apology Tour® is paying off with big dividends in Latin America. Backing Chavez is: — Manuel Zelaya, the president of Honduras, who last year called on Washington to legalize drugs because he said it would stop drug-related killings … Continue reading

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Media: Sneers Or Snores

Mark Steyn: But I digress. Asked about the tea parties, President Barack Obama responded that he was not aware of them. As Marie Antoinette said, “Let them drink Lapsang Souchong.” His Imperial Majesty at Barackingham Palace having declined to acknowledge … Continue reading

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