Gee, I’m Glad He Didn’t Blame Me…..

Barack Obama is really happy that Daniel Ortega isn’t blaming him personally. Mind you, Ortega spent 50 minutes in a diatribe blaming America for Latin America’s woes and Obama didn’t have a word to say other than that. I think William A. Jacobson has pretty well nailed what is wrong with Obama’s position here: He is no longer just Barry Obama, he is the President of the country Ortega spent an hour blasting. He needed to short circuit Ortega, not give him greater status.

There is something truly bizarre about this reasoning. If something happened when Obama was not of a certain age (we know it is at least eight years old, although we don’t know where the line is drawn) then he accepts no responsibility. That is fine if one is talking about personal responsibility only. Obama is no more responsible on a personal level for what others did, be it yesterday or 30 years ago, than anyone else.

But Obama no longer is “anyone else.” Obama is the President and bears the burden of dealing with accusations and attacks on this country related to events which did not take place on his watch.

Don Surber sort of gets it right in admiring Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s response to Ortega’s hissy fit:

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper also ignored it. When asked, he stated: “It was 50 minutes long. That’s what I thought.”

That is a beautiful response.

Some tinhorn dictator in some backward country calls you names, you ignore them.

What Obama did not do is get in a zinger – as Harper did – to diminish Ortega. As a result, Ortega can walk out of that conference and bask in the admiration of other leftists (here and abroad) while Obama just lost another notch in the world’s estimation of him as a leader.

Believe it or not, the office of the President of the United States of America is bigger – by quite a lot – than Barack Obama. It is not at all clear at this point if it is bigger than Barack Obama’s egotistical narcissism.

UPDATE: Apparently, Don Surber changed his post from when I first linked it. The zinger was from Obama, not from Harper. So Obama did get in a shot to diminish Ortega. Good for him. Don’s post now puts it thusly:

From the article:

“Obama sat mostly unmoved during the speech but at times jotted notes. Asked afterward what he thought about Ortega’s speech, he answered: “It was 50 minutes long. That’s what I thought.””

That is a beautiful response.


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  1. glenncz says:

    Hi Gauis, I am interested in windpower(neh) and found your AboutWindPower article just what I was looking for. Couldn’t find you email but wanted have a question. The wind fools say that wind replaces coal 1:1 (if that’ what’s there). Wind is erratic and temporary, so these coal plant “load followers”, are they in a separate plant from the Base Plant, are they much smaller MW?

    Here is scenario. Forecast shows 30MW of wind coming into system for 12 hours with passage of front. You can almost depend on it. What do you do? The Greens would say, for example, that it takes 10 tons of coal to make 30MW of power, (whatever). so now we don’t need to throw that 10 tons on the fire and so we are now saving 10 tons of CO2. It all balances out perfectly! Am I right in that in actuallity even with a significant amt of MW from wind, the load followers only turn down a bit, and not in exact measure to what is generated from wind. I am right in that instead of the word spinning that I see the Wind doubters use, that we should use the word HOT/Burning Boiler spewing CO2, I mean that the TALLYMAN is just tallying the wind into the system and the duplicate is still going almost full strength.

    EDIT – Removed public email link (not a good idea to embed the link to your email.)

  2. DavidL says:

    It strikes me that if the one envisions himself as the president of all United States residents, what is the citizenship thing anyhow, then he needs to defend all of his countrymen. even the republicans.

  3. Gaius says:

    Wind power must be backed up with a “spinning reserve”. That means that something – coal, nuclear, gas or oil fired – has to be on line and ready to take the load if the wind drops off. If the reserve is not on line, a sudden drop in wind power would create a situation where utilities suddenly have a mismatch is supply and demand. That is when things begin to break.

    In the most general terms I can put this: If you have 100 MW of wind power on line and the wind suddenly stops, the utility had better have another 100 MW available – Right Now. There is no time to start a plant up, the demand is instantaneous. (Coal and nuclear plants can take days to bring on line due to startup conditions and water chemistry.) Gas turbines start faster (usually, unless they fail to start on the first try – long explanation needed for that) – but they do not come on line in the blink of an eye.

    We are talking fractions of a second here, the reserve had better be on line and ready, or the grid can collapse. If that happens, it can take a long time to bring back up. (Not many plants have “black start” capability – meaning they can bootstrap up without outside electricity to run their auxiliaries.)

  4. Judith says:

    He aspires to be the leader of the world and, thus, does not trouble himself with the attack on, and condemnation of, a country through which he is only passing.

  5. Just one nit to pick, and htis is from a staunch opponent of Obama: According to the Surber article you linked and the comments for it, it was actually Obama who made the “%0 Minutes” comment.

  6. Gaius says:

    Yes, I saw that something had changed last night late but did not have time to get an update posted. It is up now.

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