Great News!

Those of you who participated in “Tea Parties” on April 15th have been vilified as  “Plutocrats” or worse.  Be relieved. The king of AstroTurf has now pronounced you as nothing more than “Unhealthy”.

Senior White House adviser David Axelrod on Sunday suggested the “Tea Party” movement is an “unhealthy” reaction to the tough economic climate facing the country.

Axelrod was asked on CBS’s “Face the Nation” about the “spreading and very public disaffection” with the president’s fiscal policies seen at the “Tea Party” rallies around the country last week.

“I think any time you have severe economic conditions there is always an element of disaffection that can mutate into something that’s unhealthy,” Axelrod said.

Axelrod appeared to backtrack when pressed on whether the movement is unhealthy.

“Well, this is a country where we value our liberties and our ability to express ourselves, and so far these are expressions,” he said.

Nice to see what high regard you all are held in by the White House, isn’t it?

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9 Responses to Great News!

  1. chuck says:

    “…that’s unhealthy.”

    I think Axelrod was thinking of the Nazis. The guy should really examine his own motives and ideology and try to grasp the idea of liberty. This ain’t Europe.

  2. kidrob says:

    unhealthy? hmm. i feel pretty good today. my ankle is a little sore otherwise pretty good. oh yea happy patiots day from new england!

  3. MAS1916 says:

    Alright!!!! I am a purveyor of unhealthy anti-tax and anti-government rhetoric. I couldn’t be more proud. Ooop… who is that at the door?

  4. feeblemind says:

    I must confess to being a bit surprised by the Left’s reaction to the Tea Parties. I expected the condescension. I didn’t expect the venom. I didn’t realize the protests would strike a nerve with the Left but apparently they have.

  5. Sissy Willis says:

    They’re trying to spin our philosophical love of liberty into a political distaste for taxes.

  6. martian says:

    Feeblemind, there will ALWAYS be venom from the left when you are opposing the Chosen One. He is the Obamessiah and whatever he does is, by definition, good.

    Really, did anyone expect anything else from the White House? The Obamessiah’s first reaction to any opposition is to attack, belittle and denigrate the person or people he sees as the perpetrators. Just go back and look at the rivalry between him and Hillary. Every time she appeared to score a point on him he found a way to condescendingly insult her.

  7. Sam says:

    The reactions of the politicians and media are testimony to how effective the Tea Party protests are. They are starting to unsettle and scare those who thought this new administration would lead to unrestricted and unopposed government expansion. As Rahm would say, Don’t let a good crisis go to waste. Party on, Garth! Party on, Wayne!

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  9. Mockingbird says:

    Axlerod is an elitist. He regularly forgets htat he works for us; we do not work for him.

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