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No Big Shoes For You!

To see where America is heading, one only has to look at where Britain is today. A Russian circus clown has been informed that he can no longer wear his big, red shoes while performing. When he returned to the … Continue reading

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A Whip In Every Bag

The Daily Mail with a roundup of Chinese ripoffs of many worldwide brands, in pictures. Tweet

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All But Forgotten

Berga: The photograph is a jarring image that shows Nazi Party members, shovels in hand, digging up graves of American soldiers held as slaves by Nazi Germany during World War II. While the men dig up the site, U.S. soldiers … Continue reading

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The Crazy Years

Robert Heinlein was a bit off. The 1960s did indeed see some “Crazy Years” but the real craziness has not hit until now. Victor Davis Hanson explains: Washington is more confusing. Bill Clinton balanced his last budgets but raised taxes. … Continue reading

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