A rapidly spreading, nasty flu suddenly starts popping up in Mexico and at far-flung areas within the United States.

If it’s susceptible to OTC drugs, presumably we’re okay; developing countries, not so much. In fact, with 60 already dead in Mexico and another 1,000 suspected cases, I wonder if the next drug racket the cartels down there get into won’t be Tamiflu. All we need now is for the virus to migrate to Pakistan, where the country’s already teetering, and we’ll have a true apocalyptic clusterfark to end all clusterfarks.

As for the immigration angle, the boss is already all over it. A perfectly secure border wouldn’t stop this from spreading — see, e.g., SARS hopping across the Pacific from China to Canada in 2003 — but it sure might slow it down. Ah well, it’s “racist” to even think such things. Apologies.

The Flu, now officially designated H1N1, has now popped up in California, Texas, Kansas City and New York City in the US.

Tests confirmed that eight New York City schoolchildren had a type A influenza virus that was likely to be the swine flu, the city’s health commissioner said. Kansas state health officials confirmed two cases of swine flu, CNN reported, adding to the original eight cases in the United States.

Officials from WHO and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention helped Mexican health experts test hundreds of patients with flu symptoms for the never-before-seen virus.

In Mexico City, parents canceled kids’ parties, bars were closed and residents stocked up on DVDs as people stayed home for the weekend to avoid contamination.

“I think it’s worse than they’re telling us,” said 35-year-old Lidia Diaz, sniffling and wearing a surgical mask as she headed to a clinic in the capital.

SO far all the fatalities are in Mexico, none in the US. 

What is worrisome here is the sudden appearance in so many widely spaced places at virtually the same time.  The World Health Organization was very, very quick to call this a “public health event of international concern” – faster than I can recall them ever having done so, in fact.

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4 Responses to H1N1

  1. Burghman says:

    It has been predicted that a bio-terrorist attack will take place prior to 2013. You don’t hit your opponent where they are strong, but where they are weak.

  2. OldeForce says:

    Didn’t we go through this in the late seventies or early eighties? Our corporate doctor, who happened to be quite drunk at the time, gave a long, rambling speech on how deadly the swine flu would be. Then warned us about the potential dangers of the vaccine. [A cousin’s now ex-husband was paralized for a time and almost died from the vaccine.] Since this is a new strain of the flu, the old vaccine doesn’t give us any ammunity.
    And what if a bird-flu mosquito gets you just as you contract swine-flu? Have a good day!

  3. Fred Z says:

    The World Health Organization? Of the United Fucking Nations? No doubt their word is unimpeachable.

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
    H. L. Mencken

  4. Fred Z says:

    I’ve slept on it and think maybe I have figured out what he left will use to replace the myth of global warming, rapidly being discredited.

    Yup, you got it, disease, epidemics, pandemics.

    Can you imagine the level to which government power could be ratcheted if (Gasp!!) the Lives Of The Children were supposedly threatened by Disease? Universal state health care becomes a shoo-in if they can panic mommy and daddy.

    I eagerly await the first New York Times or AP story proving that Blacks, Hispanics and Wymyn suffer the most from the swine flu. Then I’ll know for sure.

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