Anything Worth Reacting To…

…Is worth over-reacting to appears to be the new policy at the Obama administration. Of course, over-reacting is a way to divert attention to the clueless nature of the Obama administration. The administration has decreed the 20 or so relatively mild cases of H1N1 flu in the US a “public health emergency“.

In an unusual Sunday briefing at the White House, administration officials said a “public health emergency” is being declared in the United States in order to mobilize maximum resources to combat fears of a global swine-flu pandemic.

The term “sounds more severe than it really is,” said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who called the measure “standard operating procedure,” adding, “I wish we could call it a declaration of emergency preparedness.” The same measures, she said, were taken for the inauguration and in cases of flood and hurricane.

The clueless bit? Well, it seems the outbreak began two weeks ago – and Mexican authorities began taking steps to curb it a week ago

U.S. public health officials did not know about a growing outbreak of swine flu in Mexico until nearly a week after that country started invoking protective measures, and didn’t learn that the deaths were caused by a rare strain of the influenza until after Canadian officials did.

The delayed communication occurred as epidemiologists in Southern California were investigating milder cases of the illness that turned out to be caused by the same strain of swine flu as the one in Mexico.

This is what we can expect from the “Best and Brightest” Obama appointed? Delayed over-reaction?

God help us.

There were multiple ways for the government to mobilize all their resources without this. There was no need to do this at all.  This gets a whole new category: Obamantics.

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