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Have You No Decency, Sir?

Bwahahahahahaha. You simply have to follow that link. Really. Tweet

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That’s A Nice Senate Seat You Have There….

…It would be a shame if anything happened to it, Squire….. MoveOn.thug has released – to a compliant media – its latest threat. Now, I have no sympathy whatsoever toward Arlen Specter, the target of this barrage, but one has … Continue reading

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More Time With His Family

Again as predicted: Louis Caldera, the White House official who approved the buzzing of Manhattan by a backup “Air Force One” and a couple of F-16 fighters has resigned. The White House aide who authorized the controversial Air Force One … Continue reading

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The Fraud Continues, Only More Stupidly

The loose patchwork of carefully selected data, non-testable hypotheses, and non-verifiable computer models known as “Anthropogenic Global Warming” has been coming apart at the seems for awhile now. The ever increasing (near hysterical) attempts to stitch it back together are … Continue reading

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