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Where We Are Heading

I listen to NPR on my long drive to and from work each day. I have heard Peter Orszag, Barack Obama’s budget director, repeatedly mention the Obama strategy for eliminating health care choices that “Don’t work”. As in treatments that … Continue reading

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Democrats: It’s Unfair When Our Whipping Boys Won’t Stay Whipped

This is, quite frankly, pretty appalling: Democrats charged Tuesday that the CIA has released documents about congressional briefings on harsh interrogation techniques in order to deflect attention and blame away from itself. “I think there is so much embarrassment in … Continue reading

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The Slippery Slope – On Steroids

As I – and many others – have been pointing out for quite some time now, somebody has to pay for all the grandiose Obama agenda. The mirage that Obama has been pushing – that only the rich would pay … Continue reading

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