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Hopeful Media

For a lot of the Bush Presidency, the media joyously screeched about the “dismal” 5% unemployment rate. Under Obama, they joyously screech about the “hopeful” signs of an immanent economic recovery when new jobless claims soar and continuing unemployment hits … Continue reading

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Cowabunga, Dude!

Bovine half gainers: A couple rushed to their swimming pool to investigate a loud splashing noise only to find that a cow had burst into their garden and taken a plunge. The intruder had broken through a hedge at Mark … Continue reading

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The Rain Cocaine In Spain Falls Mainly on…..

…On Madrid and Barcelona. Air pollution has long been a fact of life in Spanish cities. But scientists now say it is not just smog that fills people’s lungs as they walk to work or stroll through the park. A … Continue reading

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Where We Are Heading – Part Two

Dick Morris: • As in Canada, the best way to cut medical costs is to refrain from using the best drugs to treat cancer and other illnesses, thereby economizing at the expense of patients’ lives. Forty-four percent of the drugs … Continue reading

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