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Climbing Mountains

It has been a rough patch for conservatives of late, hasn’t it? The media, more or less in Obama’s pocket, has been smashing at conservatives and touting “crisis” after “crisis” – and lauding Obama for his handling of each “crisis”. … Continue reading

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So Much Double-Speak

Obama is stressing the folks who have to handle his routine double-speak. They simply can’t keep up with the about-faces and embellished statements anymore. They are getting confused and actually telling the truth occasionally. After meeting with six major health … Continue reading

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There’s Something Happening Here…

What it is ain’t exactly clear. Leon Panetta, Once Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff and currently Obama’s head of the CIA fired back – point blank – at Nancy Pelosi for charging that the CIA lied to her. This is … Continue reading

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You Can’t Hide Your Lying Eyes….

Nancy Pelosi charges that CIA officials “lied” to her. The CIA has a simple answer: A CIA spokesman said it is “not the policy of the CIA to mislead the United States Congress .” Tweet

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