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Long time readers know that I do not often use words like the title of this post often. Today calls for it, I think. David Axelrod, adviser to Barack Obama, architect of Obama’s victory, today crossed a line. From Real … Continue reading

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Row, Row, Row It Back

Gently Nancy screams. Sing along, now! The Hill reports that Nancy Pelosi is adding epicycles to her outright charge that the CIA “lied” to her. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has backed down slightly in her fight with the CIA, saying … Continue reading

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When Bananas Are Outlawed…..

…Only outlaws will have bananas. A 17-year old North Carolina resident is currently sitting behind bars for attempting to hold up an internet café with a banana. No, really. If he had thought about it, Bobby Ray Mabe probably wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn: Watching the Democrats champing at the bit last week, I thought perhaps we could cut to the chase and handcuff Cheney and Pelosi to a radiator in the basement of a CIA safe house somewhere. But on reflection … Continue reading

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