When Bananas Are Outlawed…..

…Only outlaws will have bananas. A 17-year old North Carolina resident is currently sitting behind bars for attempting to hold up an internet café with a banana. No, really.

If he had thought about it, Bobby Ray Mabe probably wouldn’t have attacked the man trying to rob his store early Thursday.

But when a man holding something under his shirt asked for a Mountain Dew, then demanded money, Mabe and a patron grabbed the man.

“If he had had a gun he would’ve shot me,” Mabe said yesterday. “But he had a banana.”

Mabe owns 109 Biz Center off Thomasville Road, a computer cafe that features sweepstakes games. Patrons buy sweepstakes cards, and then find out on a computer whether they have won a cash prize.

The would-be stickup artist actually ate the “weapon” before the police arrived. That is after he was held by the owner and a patron. 

Perhaps this is a way for Nancy Pelosi to rapidly distract attention away from herself, now that the Obama administration appears to be intent on throwing her under a bus.

She could introduce a bill named the Foreign Organic Arms Control Act (FOACA) – affectionately known as “Cheetah’s Law” and ban semiautomatic “Assault Bananas”.  After all, it’s for the children.

Look! I’m a political consultant!

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