North Korean Nuclear Test Draws Global “Tsk-Tsks”

Slightly altered from the NYT headline.

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea’s announcement that it had successfully conducted its second nuclear test on Monday drew condemnation and criticism around the world, including the United Nations Security Council.

The dimensions of the test were not immediately verifiable, but estimates ranged upwards of the nearly one kiloton of the North’s first nuclear test, in 2006.

President Obama said: “North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs pose a grave threat to the peace and security of the world, and I strongly condemn their reckless action.”

“The United States and the international community must take action in response,” he added.

And what, one has to ask, is that action or actions? Another strongly-worded memorandum from the United Nations Security Council? Another series of much-ballyhooed “sanctions” that bar the export of frilly underthings to North Korea?

This is what “soft power” produces. Psychopathic, nuclear-armed regimes with no fear – whatsoever – that the West – or Barack Obama, in particular – will intervene in any meaningful way with their plans.

China now has a nuclear armed lunatic regime at its very doorstep. They keep blocking any real meaningful sanctions against North Korea. Here’s a thought: how about putting some pressure on China to make them force some changes in Kim Jong Il’s stance.

The next nuclear/short-range missile test might be over Seoul. The next one after that could well be over San Francisco. If we do not stop tip-toeing around this issue, it will metastasize into something even more malevolent.

Here’s what I plan to do, it may be minor, but it is something at least. I will not buy anything at all that is manufactured in China until they actually step in and quash their evil stepchild. I’m not a big fan of boycotts in general. For the most part, I think they are mostly not effective. But I simply can’t come up with anything else I, personally, can do right now.

Sadly, the world – and Obama – can’t even do that much. But there will be a memo.

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3 Responses to North Korean Nuclear Test Draws Global “Tsk-Tsks”

  1. Sylvia says:

    Gaius, there’s an excellent discussion of this over at Belmont Club today. “North Korea sends a message”

  2. feeblemind says:

    I think it is pretty safe to assume that Iran will now have The Bomb as well. NK has a working prototype that Iran will surely buy, if they were not already colluding on the project.

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