Political Office And The Highest Bidder*

It seems that Roland Burris offered to write a personal check to Rod Blagojevich in return for his appointment to the US Senate. Moreover, he thought it best to “launder” that personal contribution by having his law partner write the check – so as to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

I can’t post the transcript, but you can read it here. Pages three and four of the transcript appended to the legal papers have the details.

Via Marathon Pundit, who is calling for a special election.

I’d agree that this is pretty much the proverbial smoking gun for Burris. He needs to go. Preferably in ‘cuffs.

* Worst thing about Burris – he promised to pay to play, then offered only chump change. And then welshed on even that.

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  1. Mockingbrd says:

    Gosh, Burris should have stayed a community organiser.

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