Lies, Damned Lies And Roland Burris

So much for the mad interviewing skillz of Chris Matthews:

Sen. Roland Burris played Hardball today, and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked the junior senator from Illinois if he had tried to “squeeze” former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich for appointment to the Senate when he spoke with the governor’s brother about helping the governor’s campaign.

“I had no intention of raising money for the governor,” Burris (D-Ill.) told Matthews. “I wanted to help the governor… But I could not raise any money, because if I did, it would look like I was trying to buy the seat… I could not do it, so I did not do it.”

One could point out the obvious follow-up question here that Matthews – had he bothered to actually prepare for the interview – should have asked: Then why, exactly did you offer to launder a personal donation to Blagojevich through your law partner

I have no illusions here – Burris will not be removed by the Democrats controlling the Senate because they need his excremental vote. Despite his fetid, corrupt stench, they’ll keep him until the next election.

Matthews is merely doing his part to keep the corruptocrat in office. And yes, he is doing his part. Because this is a basic function of the media that he did not bother to even try to fulfill.

Burris’ exact, indefensible words  are published in the public court records. They cannot be spun or denied. Matthews failed even to ask a question about those irrefutable words.

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