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Tomorrow’s News Today

The post title refers to the fact that the Washington Post story I am linking to on Friday, May 22, 2009 states it was first published Saturday, May 23, 2009. But that’s an aside really from the real intention of … Continue reading

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Bush Vindicated

So says The Wall Street Journal: Mr. Obama, for his part, still wants Gitmo closed, and he cited South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham in saying that the idea that the detainees could not be securely held in the U.S. was … Continue reading

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There have been several cases of Obama administration officials saying that the economy is showing signs of life. Then there are the new unemployment figures for last week: In the week ending May 16, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted … Continue reading

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What The National Media Is Not Telling You

The national media has been pontificating all day about what a disaster the California referendum results are. They have been wailing about what cuts are going to have to be enacted as a result of the vote. Some are even … Continue reading

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I have posted a number of times about something Joe Klein has written. Often because he was under attack by some of the less-hinged members of the left. This quote from Klein about Charles Krauthammer is unfortunate: “There’s something tragic about … Continue reading

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Democracy Is Great – Unless Those People Vote Against What We Want

Aww. The tax hikes got voted down in California. Time to begin moaning about that darn democracy thingee: Californians are well known for periodic voter revolts, but on Tuesday they did more than just lash out at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger … Continue reading

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The Political Left – Dissed By Dems

This one I did not see coming at all. The Democrats in Congress have blocked all funding to close the terrorist detention facility at Guantánamo Bay. In an abrupt shift, Senate Democratic leaders said on Tuesday that they would not … Continue reading

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Hsu’s Sorry Now?

Closing the loop on a story from last year. Norman Hsu, the former Hillary Clinton/Democratic party fundraiser, was convicted today on Federal charges of violating election law. It took the jury an hour to reach a verdict. Norman Hsu — … Continue reading

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Smearmour Hersh

I’ve pointed out the tendency of Seymour Hersh to recycle baseless stories in the ever-willing pages of The New Yorker. He has now, however, crossed a line that should make even that magazine think seriously about Hersh’s retirement. Former prime … Continue reading

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Peaceable Kingdom

We here at the Crabitat are not entirely sure what is going on here. We are not sure that we really want to know. But, in descending order, we have ill-tempered, dog-hating old cat, wife’s beagle-pug mix (or pugle) and … Continue reading

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Hmm. First The Politico: A congressional leader makes a startling statement. The media jump on it, causing a firestorm. The leader first fans the flames and then tries to put them out. Speculation rises that the leader’s colleagues are thinking … Continue reading

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So, I Have To Ask A Question Or Two Here

Nick Gillespie: Here’s a better idea – and one that will help the federal and state governments fill their coffers: Legalize drugs and then tax sales of them. And while we’re at it, welcome all forms of gambling (rather than … Continue reading

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Yes, We Have No Messiahs

The Politico reports that some folks are becoming disillusioned with Barack Obama. No, not the usual suspects such as myself and others on the right side of the political spectrum. No, some on the left are surprised to find that … Continue reading

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Long time readers know that I do not often use words like the title of this post often. Today calls for it, I think. David Axelrod, adviser to Barack Obama, architect of Obama’s victory, today crossed a line. From Real … Continue reading

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Row, Row, Row It Back

Gently Nancy screams. Sing along, now! The Hill reports that Nancy Pelosi is adding epicycles to her outright charge that the CIA “lied” to her. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has backed down slightly in her fight with the CIA, saying … Continue reading

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