NOW: No Protection For Letterman

I’m frankly, pleasantly surprised about this. The National Organization for Women has come out – strongly – against David Letterman and his vicious misogyny:

The sexualization of girls and women in the media is reaching new lows these days — it is exploitative and has a negative effect on how all women and girls are perceived and how they view themselves. Letterman also joked about what he called Palin’s “slutty flight attendant look” — yet another example of how the media love to focus on a woman politician’s appearance, especially as it relates to her sexual appeal to men. Someone of Letterman’s stature, who appears on what used to be known as “the Tiffany Network” (CBS), should be above wallowing in the juvenile, sexist mud that other comedians and broadcasters seem to prefer.

CBS now has a major problem on its hands. Letterman is radioactive if NOW has come out against him. Will they do the right thing and dump him? We’ll see. But kudos to NOW for refusing any cover for Letterman.

Now comes an interesting question. Will the lefty blogs that leapt to Letterman’s defense today now spin and twist away from their earlier positions? Will The New Republic back off from its sniggering “she deserved it” position?

Via Hot Air and Memeorandum.

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13 Responses to NOW: No Protection For Letterman

  1. feeblemind says:

    Yeah. Whaddya know about that? I was surprised at NOW’s actions as well. It never occurred to me that they would intervene on the Palins’ behalf. I think that A-Rod should sue Letterman/CBS for slander as he insinuated that A-Rod is a child molester.

  2. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Interesting. NOW has usually rolled over – sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally – for the Democrat Party.

    Maybe they just need new kneepads.

    Or maybe they are tired of endless Democrat misogyny. That would be change that I could believe in….

  3. Foxfier says:

    I’m amazed and pleased.

    Maybe there’s hope for NOW yet.

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  5. Straight8 says:

    Someone of “Letterman’s stature”? WTH is that supposed to mean?

  6. Foxfier says:

    he’s got a big box to stand on.

  7. martian says:

    Even with NOW coming out against him, this will simply blow over in the media. After all, he didn’t really insult anyone important – just a nasty Republican.

    Another point is him saying that he meant the joke about BRISTOL Palin who is 18 rather than the 14 yeear old Willow. It’s okay to talk about a ball player who isn’t even acquainted with the young lady in question ‘knocking her up’ because she’s over 18? It’s okay to intimate that she’s that much of a slut? Or that A-Rod is so incapable of controlling himself (he is, after all, a horny minority type) that he can’t keep his zipper shut around young girls? And he can’t get his facts straight before he makes the joke? Bristol apparently wasn’t even on the trip, it was just Sarah and the 14 year old Willow. How can he say he meant the joke to be about Bristol when she wasn’t even there?

    And the joke about Sarah Palin’s “slutty flight attendant look” – I’ve seen Sarah Palin many times on television at various different activities and venues and I have NEVER seen her dressed in way way that could be construed as ‘slutty’. Every time I have ever seen her, her clothing has been classy, proper and age appropriate for a woman her age. Apparently, if a woman doesn’t look like Nancy Pelosi she must be a slut in the eyes of the liberals. And they claim to be the people who respect women?

  8. Amy says:

    Oh, come on. It was a mistake, he meant the older one, who is pregnant in spite of her mother’s political policy. That makes it a political joke. He says he didn’t know which daughter she had with her, that was a mistake. But misogynist? Baseball player and governor and teenage girl. Why aren’t you all complaining about baseball druggies or politicians’ public private lives?

  9. Gaius says:

    Thanks for proving the point, Amy.

  10. Mwalimu Daudi says:


    Since you are frantic to change the subject … I seem to remember that George Allen lost the 2006 Senate election to a gun-smuggling psychopath. The issue that doomed Allen was “macaca” – a word that no one had ever heard of before. I also doubt that anyone has heard of “macaca” again since that election.

    And how about Don Imus? If we cut a break for Letterman, why not him?

  11. Foxfier says:

    So, they were so stupid that they went after the wrong teen-age girl with sex jokes.

    Golly, that makes it *so* much better.

  12. martian says:

    Amy, the older daughter, Bristol, is NOT pregnant, she has had her child. And what do her daughter’s actions have to do with the mother’s political policy? It may be the mother’s policy, but that doesn’t mean it’s tha daughter’s policy. My daughters certainly didn’t follow every one of my policies. And how does that make it a political joke? It might be a valid political joke if Sarah Palin broke her own policy. It is NOT valid if one of her family members. who has NEVER run for any political office fails to live up to that standard.

    As to your second point, it doesn’t matter which daughter she had with her (except that it being Willow age 14 makes it marginally worse). His remark implied that either a 14 or 18 year old young lady is such a slut that she can’t manage to take a trip with her mother without having sex with a some guy she doesn’t even know. If he said that about either of my daughters, both of whom are over 18, I’d probably punch him right in his disgusting mouth.

    As to your last two lines, let’s start with the first one, “Baseball player and governor and teenage girl.” Joking about two grown men having sex with a teenage girl, implying that the men are pedophiles (not indicated in either case as far as I know) or that the girl is, again, such a slut she can’t keep her legs closed is extremely poor taste to put it lightly.

    As to why we’re not “complaining about baseball druggies or politicians’ public private lives”, it may be because neither of those has anything to do with the incident under discussion.

  13. martian says:

    And just one more point, Amy. What if Letterman had made the same joke about one of the Obamessiah’s daughters? Would it still have been okay? Please do let us know.

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