Terminal Tribute

The very last parade given by the British survivors of the D-Day landings in Normandy in honor of those who did not return is over. The veterans, all very old now, will not organize another parade.

They stood proudly, remembering those who served bravely alongside them.

Hundreds of veterans defied humid weather yesterday to pay tribute on their last memorial service in London.

With heads held high they marched down Whitehall, some with walking sticks and others in wheelchairs.

Decked out in smart blazers and berets many shed a tear as they attended the memorial for the last time

At least two former soldiers collapsed during the service, as the heat and long time spent on their feet proved simply too much.

The Normandy Veterans Association (NVA) said this is the last memorial service they will organise in London as it has become increasingly difficult to hold, because of the age of veterans.

There are fewer and fewer veterans of the D-Day landings, or indeed of the entire Second World War now. After all, it has been 65 years since the landings. Yet these men have carried on, year after year to pay tribute to those who did not survive the war.

They still serve, all these years later.

It is now up to those younger people who were not alive during the Second World War to remember the fallen and all who served in the name of freedom and liberty. Let us not take that duty less lightly than the veterans have done for all these years.

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