Apparently, the British military is being told by politicians that they will be cutting costs. Even if that means that Harrier jets are forcibly retired. Leaving no fixed wing aircraft that can fly from Britain’s aircraft carriers.

The RAF may have to scrap its Harrier jump jets as the armed forces face the ‘bloodiest spending round’ of modern times.

Defence chiefs have met to discuss drastic measures which could include the Army shrinking to its smallest size for 150 years.

Each service has set out plans to sacrifice manpower or equipment in the hope of slashing billions from the costs of national defence.

Options include cutting up to three of the Army’s infantry battalions, losing around 1,800 fighting men at a time when the ranks are under intense strain and taking the Army’s manpower target below 100,000 for the first time since the 1850s.

The Royal Navy could mothball its Type 42 destroyers earlier than planned – leaving a gap before modern replacements are ready – and postponing building new frigates.

Scrapping the Harriers would leave no fixed-wing aircraft capable of flying from the Navy’s two carriers.

One wonders if the politicians realize that there will be no revenue to spend if Britain becomes defenseless. At some point, someone will realize that a nation defended by these  and these is pretty easy pickings.

Britain is further along the curve than the US is right now. But our politicians are busily cutting our ability to defend ourselves, too.

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  1. feeblemind says:

    Indeed Gaius. In future years as it gets progressively harder to write the SS checks and pay the medicare bills, I fully expect the armed forces to be gutted.

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