Go read Fausta, she has it all put together.

What is of concern here is that Obama, who ignored, belittled and reluctantly supported Iranian dissidents jumped right out to support a guy who was blatantly trying to destroy his country’s Constitution.

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2 Responses to Honduras

  1. Ropelight says:

    When you buy a pig in a poke, can you really claim to be suprised to find it has two faces and speaks with a forked tongue?

  2. martian says:

    Unfortunately, not only is Obama siding with the ousted leftist president, he is also siding with all of the other leftist presidents in the hemisphere and they are being backed by the OAS and the UN. All are calling for the restoration of ‘democracy’ in Honduras claiming that the only legitimate Honduran government is one headed by Zelaya. They are completely ignoring the fact that the ousted president was trying to end democracy in Honduras by abrogating the presidential term limits dictated by the nation’s constitution so he could become, effectively, ‘President for Life’ like Chavez and other leftist presidents have tried and in a couple of cases succeeded in doing. I guess that is no surprise considering that Democrat Rep. Jos. Serrano has again introduced legislation to repeal the 22nd Amendment so that Obama can do the same thing Zelaya was trying to do.

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