42 to 19

That’s percentage of people who think the Marxman-Wacky bill will hurt the economy rather than help it. A new Rasmussen poll shows a two to one disparity between the two groups:

Americans have mixed feelings about the historic climate change bill that passed the House on Friday, but 42% say it will hurt the U.S. economy.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that just 19% believe the climate change bill passed by the House on Friday will help the economy. Fifteen percent (15%) say it will have no impact, and 24% are not sure.

A majority of both Republicans (56%) and adults not affiliated with either major political party (52%) think the bill will hurt the economy. Among Democrats, however, 30% say it will help the economy, 23% that it will hurt and 21% say it will have no impact.

That is not a strong showing even among Democrats. The numbers are disastrous for Democrats unless the economy recovers between now and election day 2010. But with the current unemployment, this appears unlikely.

An awful lot of Democrats have left their political throats exposed with this one vote.

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2 Responses to 42 to 19

  1. J says:

    Unfortunately, we have elected rulers not representatives and, thus, our fate is sealed.

  2. Mockingbird says:

    The democrats have no accountability, and I’m voting against them in 2010.

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