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On Palin: Interesting Polls

Two interesting polls just out. One is up over at Memeorandum. (That would be this first one.)  Rasmussen Reports indicates that 40% of GOP voters say Sarah Palin’s resignation as governor of Alaska will hurt her in 2012: Forty percent … Continue reading

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If The Media Was Doing Its Job….

…They would be following the money, not spouting the party line. It seems Algore ratcheted up the rhetoric again today: Al Gore invoked the spirit of Winston Churchill today by encouraging political leaders to follow the example of Britain’s wartime … Continue reading

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Buddy, Can You Spare A Cop?

Driving home from work today, my wife asked me how Los Angeles was paying for all the police presence required for the Michael Jackson memorial today since California is in major, major trouble budget-wise. I told her I had no … Continue reading

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Very, very interesting tidbit from The Wall Street Journal. Apparently, when you read between the lines of this story, Democrats realized that they were going to suffer a vicious backlash if they started taxing health care benefits. They attempt to … Continue reading

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Climate Science: Where Science Comes Second, If At All

It never ends.  From the BBC: ‘Time to ditch climate policies’ An international group of academics is urging world leaders to abandon their current policies on climate change. The authors of How to Get Climate Policy Back on Course say … Continue reading

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