So, What’s To Hate In The Marxman-Wacky Bill?

Rather a lot. Like the bit about not actually being able to sell what you thought was your own house:

If You Don’t Hate the Cap and Trade Bill, Let Me Show You Section 304.

I bet you thought that if you bought a house, you actually own it and can, with reasonable exceptions, do with it what you want. You probably think that if you want to live in a log cabin, with wood stoves that belch smoke into the air for heat, and an old washer and dryer that don’t have those little EnergyStar stickers on them you can because it’s your life and your property. You paid for it with money you earned with the sweat of your brow and what the heck is America anyhow if a body can’t live in the home they want furnished with the appliances they want?

Ah, silly you. You didn’t reckon on the Democratic Party’s desire to control every miniscule aspect of your life.

Let me introduce you to a little section of the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill called the “Building Energy Performance Labeling Program”. It’s section 304 of the bill and it says, basically, that your house belongs to the state. See, the Federal Government really wants a country full of energy-efficient homes, so much so that the bill mandates that new homes be 30 percent more energy efficient than the current building code on the very day the law is signed. That efficiency goes up to 50 percent by 2014 and only goes higher from there, all the way to 2030. That, by the way, is not merely a target but a requirement of the law. New homes must reach those efficiency targets no matter what.

But what does that have to do with current homeowners like you? Well, I’m glad you asked. You’re certainly not off the hook, no way, no how. Here’s what the Democrats have planned for you. The program requires that states label their buildings so that we can all know how efficient every building (that includes residential and non-residential buildings) is and it requires that the information be made public. To that end, the bill suggests a number of circumstances under which the states could inspect a building, including:

(A) preparation, and public disclosure of the label through filing with tax and title records at the time of–

(i) a building audit conducted with support from Federal or State funds;

(ii) a building energy-efficiency retrofit conducted in response to such an audit;

(iii) a final inspection of major renovations or additions made to a building in accordance with a building permit issued by a local government entity;

(iv) a sale that is recorded for title and tax purposes consistent with paragraph (8);

(v) a new lien recorded on the property for more than a set percentage of the assessed value of the property, if that lien reflects public financial assistance for energy-related improvements to that building; or

(vi) a change in ownership or operation of the building for purposes of utility billing; or

(B) other appropriate means.

Jimmie Bise has done a lot of heavy lifting here. You really should go over and take a look. There is a lot to hate in this bill – a lot that will micro-manage your daily life, make you little more than a vassal of Federal bureaucrats, subject to their every whim and much that will take away your freedom and hopes for prosperity.

This bill is an economy-killer. 

Call your Senators. Make it very, very clear that there will be negative political consequences for a yes vote on this abomination.

And be sure to punish those folks in the House who voted for it.

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4 Responses to So, What’s To Hate In The Marxman-Wacky Bill?

  1. Rich Horton says:

    My God, I effing hate these “Democrats”.

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  3. Well, thanks to the KElo decision, we don’t have the Constitution to protect us from this. Maybe it’s time to restate the Declaration.

  4. I thought Porkulus was bad. Waxman-Markey’s cap-and-tax has passed it in rottenness by a country mile.

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