Go over and look at the video The Daily Bayonet has posted. Catchy little tune and probably one of the best get-even tactics I have seen recently. You’ll have to see the video to make sense of the rest of this post, incidentally. From TDB’s post:

He was on Canada’s national news as the You Tube hits approached 500,000 and says that United have been calling him.

I bet they have.

Being a guitar player myself, I know one thing: Airlines have a long track record of busting guitars.  I happen to know a player who tours relentlessly and he has invested in very, very expensive travel cases for his guitars – and still will not bring any of his irreplaceable vintage guitars anywhere via any airline. Ever.

Frankly, if I were running marketing at this company, I would get one of my cases to Dave Carroll right now. Gratis. Just for letting the company use the artist’s name on their website (consider that a free business tip, folks.)

If I were United Airlines, I’d settle with this guy today.

If you ever have to ship a guitar – via airline or any other method, these are some packing tips from someone who has been in the business for a while.

UPDATE: National Public Radio covered this story on their All Things Considered afternoon program today. They report that United has asked to use Carroll’s video as a training tool for their employees. Pretty smart PR move, especially given their inept handling of the situation to date.

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3 Responses to Busted

  1. Roland Hesz says:

    Airport workers are a “funny” lot all over the world. They seem to turn careless handling into some artistic statement.
    I wonder what would they say if their pizza was delivired in the same manner.

  2. Straight8 says:

    Pretty catchy tune. Heh.

  3. Plumpplumber(balding) says:

    Priceless! How does United pacify such talent? I’ll never look at United the same again. Viral video, indeed. All because “United kills guitars”.

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