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Death Sentence

Reuters reports that Kim Jong Il of North Korea has pancreatic cancer. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has pancreatic cancer and the illness is life-threatening, South Korean broadcaster YTN said on Monday based on information gathered by Chinese and South … Continue reading

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Smoke And Mirrors

Since the last post was about magic – sort of – it seems appropriate that this one is also about smoke and mirrors. Specifically the hand waving of magician-in-chief of Barack Obama and his endless campaign: Aside from the important … Continue reading

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I Put A Spell On You….

Feeling magical? Have the urge to put a hex on someone? Have a notion to make a potion? Fancy making £50,000 ($80,000) a year for casting a few spells? Well, then, there’s a job opportunity that is right up your alley. It … Continue reading

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Princes, Peasants And Collateral Damage

Mark Steyn: “Capitalism and consumerism have brought the world to the brink of economic and environmental collapse, the Prince of Wales has warned. … And in a searing indictment on capitalist society, Charles said we can no longer afford consumerism … Continue reading

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