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Or should that be “Pray”. As in, you might really want to pray you have someone nearby with some hefty firepower if a cougar decides you or your children are the blue plate special. Three cougars that appeared to be stalking … Continue reading

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Enthusiasm Or Desperation?

Could it all be falling apart for Obama and the Democrats? Read this post and you begin to wonder: As The Washington Post reports, Obama has begun lobbying Congress with a vengeance on health-care. Democrats are talking about wanting to … Continue reading

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$23 Quadrillion

Gee, things are getting expensive these days. Some 13,000 Visa card users all got charged (for making small purchases) the rather stunning number of $23 quadrillion each. Visa representatives quickly blamed the notices on a technical glitch. The 17-digit charges … Continue reading

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Your Only Value Is As A Taxpaying Asset To The Government

When you are old and sick, you are worthless and unworthy of any health care. I give you Peter Singer, a “bioethicist” who only considers you as a liability if you live too long and need expensive care at the … Continue reading

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House To Middle Class: You’re Screwed

Keith Hennessey has delved into the House bill for health care “reform” and finds this astonishing bit of news. Some 8 million middle class Americans will likely end up with no health insurance and will get hit with a huge … Continue reading

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