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The Man Who Called Urgent

So, Obama cried “urgent!” and railroaded through a “stimulus” plan that has worked wonderfully to fix the economy. (Just ask the more than 1 million Americans who lost their jobs in just the past two weeks.) Then Obama called “Urgent!!” … Continue reading

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Rationing And You

Shamelessly glommed from Glenn Reynolds. How’s that hope, America? Tweet

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Democrats, Petard, Some Assembly Required

Which the Democrats have cheerfully supplied. When members of the Senate health committee were asked to vote on an amendment – supplied by Republican Tom Coburn – that would require all Senators and their staffs to enroll in the exact, … Continue reading

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Job Killer, Economy Destroyer

Obama’s health care “reform”, it’s two for the price of one! Investor’s Business Daily: The president’s runaway-train approach is the same one he used with the economic “stimulus” package. On the very day the House health bill was released, newspapers … Continue reading

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Kindling A Firestorm

Why I won’t buy a Kindle from Amazon. They send books down the memory hole: On Friday, it was “1984” and another Orwell book, “Animal Farm,” that were dropped down the memory hole – by Amazon.com. In a move that … Continue reading

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It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad House

Mark Steyn: …On Friday, the House passed the Restore Our American Mustangs Act – or ROAM. Like all acronymically cute legislation, its name bears little relation to what it actually does: It’s not about “restoring” mustangs. The federal Bureau of … Continue reading

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