It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad House

Mark Steyn:

…On Friday, the House passed the Restore Our American Mustangs Act – or ROAM. Like all acronymically cute legislation, its name bears little relation to what it actually does: It’s not about “restoring” mustangs. The federal Bureau of Land Management aims for a manageable population of 27,000 wild mustangs. Currently, there are 36,000, and the population doubles every four or five years. To prevent things getting even more out of hand, the BLM keeps another 30,000 mustangs in holding pens – or, if you prefer, managed-care facilities. That’s to say, under federal management, one in every two “wild” horses now lives in government housing. The American mustang population is road-testing the impending demographic profile of Japan and Germany: one worker for every retiree.

The welfare mustangs are supposed to be put up for adoption. But, what with the government taking all our money to fund the Barney Frank Institute of Bureaucracy Studies, many of us no longer have the necessary discretionary income to stable a mustang in the rec room. A lot of the nags in managed-care facilities are getting a bit long in the tooth, and thus are unlikely ever to find homes. So, rather than go on attempting to flog near-dead horses, the BLM was considering inviting the seniors to do the decent thing and sign up for “assisted suicide” – or, in the designated euphemism, “death with dignity.” In the Netherlands, pretty much everyone over 47 who goes into hospital for a minor hernia winds up getting talked into “death with dignity.” And, given that mustangs were introduced to America by the Spanish, it’s not inappropriate that they should meet a European end.

ROAM would prohibit this option…..

Read the whole thing. There is a lot more that will simply amaze you in this bill.

This little gem of madness will cost a mere $700 million or so. Certainly not much compared to other mega-spending the House is playing with. But it does come out to around $10,500 for each mustang.

This is our money they are playing with, not their own. This is just part of the completely mad agenda in Washington these days. With the idea of “cost effective” (read “No care for you”) medical treatment for the elderly already being floated openly, they are giving money away to wild mustangs. Granny gets a handful of pills jammed down her throat, the burro gets Federal support.

No death with dignity for horses, Federal employees, Congressmen or Senators.

Just for you and yours. Thanks for paying for all this, have some pills.

Here’s the roll call vote, feel free to thank your Congressman for their important vote on this matter.

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3 Responses to It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad House

  1. Even better is the fact that BLM takes these horses on the road. Loaded up into large cattle cars they are trucked across the west and central states to auction sites whose owners are incentivised to sell the horses. Therefore they will actually advertise these auctions to bring in citizens who might never otherwise purchase horse (what could go wrong there?)


    They will give the purchaser of an “older horse” a $500.00 stipend to pay for food the first year.

    I went with my friend, Tony, to one of these auctions. Tony is a cowboy who just happened to be Puerto Rican and grew up in the same neighborhood that Judge Sotomayor spent her early years.

    His reaction to the older horse? “The $#&%* bastiges should be shot for not putting down those poor *%^#$*@)!”

    The older horses are not only wild but their captivity has made them the horsey equivalent of psychotic. You can see the rage and fear in their eyes. These animals are unfit for purchase and it is a torture to keep them.

    These wild herds are the equivalent of feral cats in the city. They aren’t a natural part of the plains being no different then the dogs that escaped from the Spanish missions five hundred years ago.

  2. Foxfier says:

    How about we just pull the gov’t out of the buisness and let the ranchers around the mustangs do what they always use to do– shoot the head mustang, put out a stud of their choice, and catch the foals they could? THOSE are the mustangs that got famous.

    These feral horses should no more be a protected species than feral cats.

  3. Bleepless says:

    Another prize irony is that they are not native. They are an invasive species. They were brought in by the Spaniards.

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