Job Killer, Economy Destroyer

Obama’s health care “reform”, it’s two for the price of one! Investor’s Business Daily:

The president’s runaway-train approach is the same one he used with the economic “stimulus” package. On the very day the House health bill was released, newspapers reported the Treasury Department’s announcement that we have amassed our first one-year deficit of $1 trillion – and we have accomplished this in just six months. If the $1.2 trillion House bill becomes law, that record likely won’t last for long.

The three central problems in American medical insurance are the rising costs of care, the deficit spending resulting from the rising costs of Medicare and Medicaid, and the number of uninsured.

The House bill does nothing to deal with costs, would increase deficits and would apply a multitude of new taxes to pay for those who are uninsured.

The bill contains a pay-or-play provision that would require all but the smallest businesses to provide health insurance or else pay a fine equal to 8% of payroll.

The White House’s own internal estimates – based on a model developed by Council of Economic Advisors Chairwoman Christina Romer – say this would cost employers $300 billion and would cost workers 5 million jobs.

Hide Those Dollars

The bill would increase income taxes by $583 billion. The White House says only the rich would be taxed. The truth is, this would be a tax on job creation. More than half of all those taxed would be small-business owners, and the taxes would be substantial.

Gee, and this is on top of the job killing, economy destroying crap and tax bill. It’s a double twofer. The only field that appears to be poised for growth is in the wonderful new field of fitting contraceptive devices to wild mustangs. 

Maybe they should have told us that the biggest “shovel ready” project they had in mind was burying the US economy.

Our government, hard at work.

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11 Responses to Job Killer, Economy Destroyer

  1. martian says:

    “Maybe they should have told us that the biggest “shovel ready” project they had in mind was burying the US economy.”

    Why did they need to tell us? It was patently obvious during the campaign. The people who voted for the Chosen One chose to ignore any and all negative aspects of his Obamaness. Not only did they ignore them, they categorically denied their existence. Now, all of a sudden, people are saying, “Hold on! Wait just a minute! We didn’t know this was going to happen.” Well, you should have. We tried to tell you but you wouldn’t listen. Now we are all suffering the consequences of your foolishness. Thanks a lot.

  2. Plumpplumber(balding) says:

    You know, this is really ironic. Even the marxists had a name for the Ooover. Does the phrase “Cult of Personality” sound familiar? And if you are a scholar of such times, do you recall what the party considered to be the only way to deal with the threat to the “people”? Their solution was rather lethal, and involved getting a “kugel” in the back of the head. But what the hell, that’s insane, isn’t it?

  3. plumpplumber(Balding) says:

    It has occured to me that the Ooover is intent on ruining us as a functional country. However, can I get a job in equine reproductive medicine? I’ve had a lot of experience in my life dealing with horse’s posteriors, so it ain’t gonna be anything new to me.

  4. Tom says:

    Stupid question – Does the Animal Uprising™ have anything to say about the forced population control of wild mustangs? Seems that is a violation of their right to breed…

  5. George Bruce says:

    You are leaving out one other thing that will be killed: People.

    I have an advanced form of cancer. I am receiving chemotherapy which is helping me prolong my life. The drugs are developed by big pharmacological companies at enormous expense, most of the cost of which is caused by the government. The treatment is being paid for by my private insurance. At least one of the drugs I receive is not available in the UK and other socialized medicine countries because of the cost. Without these drugs, or something similar at a similar cost, I will have 18 to 24 months to live. Cutting off access to such drugs is one of the ways the plan will cut costs. There is another cost savings in store. Without such treatment, I am not likely to live long enough to draw social security. Perhaps that is part of the plan. Suck all the taxes out of me while I am able to pay, then let me die when my social utility has ended.

  6. plumpplumber(Balding) says:

    What I want to know is if it is a contoceptive shot, or is it an IUD? How do the mares feel about that? Or do they prefer that the stallions get “fixed”? Surely we can’t force our opinion on these horses, can we?

  7. plumpplumber(Balding) says:

    George, you know that’s how it is. Since leftist-marxists are atheists, they have no moral code that prevents your sacrifice. You are expected to show your solidarity with the proletariat and accept your fate. Unfortunately, most americans are ignorant of marxist behavior.

    I’m sorry about your sickness, but I have to ask you a question. Who did you vote for? The Tea Party seems to be the only hope.

  8. Gaius says:

    George, I am sorry to hear about your condition. But you really should read more here at the Crabitat. I have not neglected the “cost control” measures that ObamaCare will entail. Nor have I neglected to post about the only value ObamaCare will see in its victims – er – clients – which is as taxpayers. The moment that is gone, so is the burden on society, so to speak.

    That said, beat the odds, George. I really wish you success in your battle.

  9. plumpplumber(Balding) says:

    George, here in Texas we have some really fine cancer clinics. Houston, Dallas, Tyler, just to name a few. Is there any way that you could check out M.D.Anderson in Houston? Trinity Mother Frances in Tyler?

    I’ve been reading the crabitat off and on for a year or so, and decided to start commenting recently . It’s well written, and I agree with it more than I disagree. The Ooover expects you to die without a whimper. He’s made no bones about it.

  10. George Bruce says:

    Plumb, I held my nose and voted for McCain. Sarah made that somewhat more palatable. I have seen the elephant and I was not fooled by Barry for one second.

    Gaius, no criticism of your site was intended. My personal experience constantly reinforces my awareness, while I listen to the ongoing debate about socialized medicine, that the cost in higher taxes is only one part of the pain that will be forced upon Americans by their so called representatives. I feel an urgent and personal need to remind everyone of this element of the debate at every opportunity. It has no effect upon some people however. I had one Kampus Kommie call me “egotistical” in my concerns. Wasn’t that special?

    Plumb, we here in Texas agree with you. My treatment is part of a Phase II study at MD Anderson. Great place. Great folks.

    So far the treatment is going very well. Unless the Dems take it away from me, I might yet live to draw social security, although it is still a long shot. All I can say is God Bless Big Pharma. They have done more for me than Barry ever will.

  11. Gaius says:

    No offense was taken, either, George. I see what is coming if it is not stopped, too.

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