And I’m Here To Help….

British bureaucrats have posted handy-dandy guidance on how to use the Twitter service. You know, with Twitter you can post timely, topical messages using up to 140 characters. The instructions run to 20 pages. To post a 140 character message.

Neil Williams, head of corporate digital channels in Lord Mandelson’s business department, admitted that his guidance might be considered ‘over the top’.

But he insisted that sending regular tweets was an essential form of communication with the public.
His 5,382-word Twitter strategy document advises departments to spend an hour a day posting between two and ten tweets.

To type the word “I”, depress the “Caps Lock” key and, while holding the “Caps Lock” key down, press the “I” key….. 

Leave it to a bureaucrat and see what happens? And you seriously think the government can run health care? Look at the British National Health Service and imagine the “improvements” our home-grown Bureaucrats will come up with.

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