Where Do You Go When You Run Out Of World?

I haven’t a clue how to solve this one. The Hutterites fled Europe for the United States to avoid religious persecution. Then they fled the United States to Canada to avoid being drafted into the armed forces in World War One. Now they are threatening to flee Alberta, Canada over a requirement for photographs on driver’s licenses.

Up to 10 colonies of the strict Christian Hutterite sect say they face religious persecution from the Canadian province of Alberta’s plan to force them to have their photos on driver’s licenses and may leave Alberta rather than comply.

Canada’s Supreme Court ruled Friday in favour of the Alberta government, which had appealed an exception the Hutterite colonies had won through the courts to a provincial law that requires photos on driver’s licenses. The Alberta colonies take literally the Bible’s Second Commandment against making images, although other colonies do not.

“The 10 Commandments were written in stone and they should last forever,” said Samuel Wurz, manager of the Three Hills Colony. ” …If you start to give in to one thing, next thing the government would want to come take our children to public schools or have our young people go to war.”

These are people – only about 1,000 or so – who have lived their lives, their faith, quietly for some 500 years. Now Canada, where denouncing Islamist hatred is a thought crime worthy of official persecution is dropping the hammer on these folks?

What a shameful place Canada has become. Or at least, Alberta – because other Canadian provinces manage to accommodate the Hutterite beliefs.

But really, where do you run to when you run out of world?

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  1. Foxfier says:

    I do find it odd that they’ll bend over backwards to work with Islam, but not these folks.

    That said, if you don’t want images of you taken, don’t drive– there’s no required national ID, is there?

    Yes, it’s a big hassle– but unless they can set up a parallel system that’s acceptable to their morals and shows the same level of identification provided by a photo ID, it’s too big of a risk for everyone else.

  2. checkers says:

    they should all just wear a burka to go get their pictures taken..
    problem solved….

  3. crosspatch says:

    Something doesn’t seem right about that article. There are plenty of photographs of Hutterites all over the place. They seem to have no problem posing for pictures on things other than driver’s licenses. A quick look at Google Images shows several pages of them.

    Results 1 – 18 of about 10,400 (results of an images.google.com search for “Hutterite”. About 10,000 results.

  4. Foxfier says:

    Crosspatch– their specific sect believes it’s wrong; most of them don’t.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Ok, after a little more reading, yeah, it appears to be mainly two specific colonies that are complaining about it.

  6. Andrew X says:

    I’m kinda on Alberta’s side here.

    The first thing that comes to mind here, and is not mentioned, is the demand by some Islamists that women take thier DMV pictures with their faces covered. This is of course, totally ludicrous, and the proper response to such a demand is, “I guess you ain’t gonna drive then, now get the hell out of this office and quite wasting our time with your whining”.

    But if you say this to the Islamist, you probably have to say it to the Hutterite as well (whom, incidentally, I have never heard of in my life).

    This does point out yet another problem with the obscenity that is “multi-culturalism”. No one fears that the Hutterites are going to try to overturn centuries of Western culture, so it was once OK to cut them some slack in this matter. Bring Islam into it, and now you have to change how you treat everybody, because “fairness” must be supreme over all, including to ideals that are inherently hostile (which also defines leftism, BTW).

    Now, if the Canadians are doing this to Hutterites AND allowing Islamists to keep their faces covered for this photo, that would be an unmitigated disgrace, worthy of the most extreme opposition.

    But, though it is not mentioned, I have to think this is part of the thinking of the Canadian authorities.

  7. Where do you go when you run out of world? New ones. Dave Freer and Eric Flint have a take onit called “A Slow Train to Arcturus”.

    From Baen’s website.

    “0 Ye civilized of Earth: send forth your outcasts, your primitive throwbacks, your religious fundamentalists, your sexual separatists—and heck, you can even toss in your totalitarian crackpots in the bargain. Pack them all in sealed habitats, rocket them into space, and pronounce good riddance to those lunatics, oddballs and losers!”

    Basically the government of Earth bundled up all the people that don’t fit the norm (Hutterites would qualify, popped them into a bubble habitat and like a necklace of pearls the “slow train” moves through the universe dropping them off at habitable star systems one at a time.

    One of the heros of the book is a resident of an Amish habitat.

    Now imagine a habitat of grummpy left of center bloggers…too mind bending for even Dave to write. :)

  8. martian says:

    “When A place becomes crowded enough to require IDs,it’stimetogo elsewhere!” Diaries of Lazarus Long – Author Robert A. Heinlein.

  9. Barry says:

    As a Hutterite I can see how we must appear to be to most of the people who have never met any of us. MOST of the Hutterites in Canada have no problem posing for photographs, and driver’s licenses. I am a teacher on a Hutterite colony and have gone to university to get a Bachelor’s degree in education. Compared to the number of Hutterites in Canada, those opposed make up only a small number of the total population.

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