Apropos my last post making reference to George Orwell’s 1984, Obama’s own Minister of Truthiness, David Axelrod, is holding a double-secret coordinating meeting with members of Congress (Democrats all) to discuss “messaging” to sell ObamaCare.

With a House Dem bill closer to reality, the battle will shift to a new phase: Selling it. And according to an email to House Dems that was sent over by a source, Axelrod and top White House health care adviser Nancy DeParle will be attending a breakfast with members to discuss “health care reform messaging.”

“This meeting is MEMBERS-ONLY,” the email reads, meaning no press and no staff.

The message, already test flown by Nancy Pelosi, appears to be to try to focus hate on insurance companies, Be prepared for Axelrodian astroturfing on this subject, coming soon to the MSM working in close cooperation with the White House.  

Up until now, the insurance industry has been remarkably restrained in its public criticism of ObamaCare compared to the media onslaught they launched against HillaryCare. Expect that to change in the face of Axelrod’s “messaging”.

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