Silencing Dissent

(T)Hugo Chavez is attempting to pass a law that would allow his government to silence dissent:

The new law would punish the owners of radio stations, television channels and newspapers that have attempted to “cause panic” and “disturb social peace,” Attorney General Luisa Ortega said.

It also would punish media owners who “manipulate the news with the purpose of transmitting a false perception of the facts.”

You can bet that this law is being regarded approvingly by many on the American left. (There are no links yet over at Memeorandum, but it will be fun to watch who links it during the day.)  The left regularly moans – or outright screeches  – when their echo chamber talking points are contested.

With this action, Venezuela is one step closer to setting up a Ministry of Truth. Sadly, Obama decided to join the same side as (T)Hugo Chavez over Honduras. That should give you pause.

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