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ObamaCare: Costs More, Gives Less

The latest numbers from Rasmussen: The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 47% are in favor of the reform effort proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats while 49% are opposed. Those figures include 25% who Strongly Favor … Continue reading

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What A Post-Racial America Looks Like

Go see. It will amaze you – and, I hope, give you real hope. Tweet

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The Bo-Tax

Congress – apparently with the help of Obama budget director Peter Orszag – have come up with their bestest-ever plan to pay for ObamaCare: The Bo-Tax. Face-lifts, tummy tucks and hair transplants could be hit with a new tax to … Continue reading

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Travel Day

Greetings, gentle readers. Today I have been on the road – or rather, in the air, then on the road – since O-dark thirty or so. I write this from the Keystone State where I am seeking to learn all … Continue reading

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Letters Written

Unlike a lot of people interested in politics, I have never been an avid writer to my representatives. In my mind I always have a vision of the old guy who writes every public official he can think of so … Continue reading

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Lighten Up

Too damn much politics, too damn much ObamaCare, to damn much about the clueless machinations of Obama and his pals. Time to lighten it up a bit. (You know its time when I violate the Crabitat policies three time in … Continue reading

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Obey The Orszaganization

Patriotic Americans know when to die – The Anchoress Throw mama under the health plan – Three beers later Contest! Supply a fitting slogan: ObamaCare! __________________________! As in ObamaCare! We Decide, seniors die! Guess what lefties? You’ll get old, too. … Continue reading

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Obama Rephrases The Gettysburg Address

Oh, he never spoke the words, but his actions speak louder than words. Obama’s mob – and that is really the correct term at this point, having stolen two automobile companies outright, screwing their investors and delivering the ill-gotten gains … Continue reading

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The former head of the Congressional Budget Office today criticized the report of the current director. Peter Orszag accused the CBO of “overstepping” when they had the temerity to point out that Petey’s big idea for an independent board to … Continue reading

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A Tax On Light And Air

Britain revives – or will, if Labour wins the next election – a new version of the “Window Tax” – on steroids. If you have a “pleasing outlook” from a window in your house – you get an extra tax. … Continue reading

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Benefit: Zero

Or very, very close to it. The Congressional Budget Office threw cold water on the latest “most importantist thingee ever!” to be chucked into the ObamaCare program. That probably sounds a little confusing, but bear with me here. On Thursday … Continue reading

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Five Things You Lose Under ObamaCare

Shawn Tully in Fortune: Let’s explore the five freedoms that Americans would lose under Obamacare: 1. Freedom to choose what’s in your plan The bills in both houses require that Americans purchase insurance through “qualified” plans offered by health-care “exchanges” … Continue reading

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He Knows It When He Doesn’t See It

Mark Steyn on an encounter he had with a state trooper: Option a): I could get hot under the collar, yell at him, get tasered into submission and possibly shot while “resisting arrest”; Option b): I could politely tell the trooper … Continue reading

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“I’ve Been Lied To”

We appear to be witnessing a real meltdown among Democrats over ObamaCare. Those words that title the post came from Blue Dog Coalition Co-Chairman Charlie Melancon (D-La.). regarding negotiations with Henry Waxman (D-Neverland). “I’ve been lied to,” Blue Dog Coalition … Continue reading

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The Nanny State Connection

Excellent point made by Peggy Noonan in her WSJ column today: The third point is largely unspoken but I suspect gives some people real pause. We are living in a time in which educated people who are at the top … Continue reading

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