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Obama Calls For Sacrifice!

Yes, Barack Obama is calling for sacrifices today. In fact, he cites the attacks on the United States of September 11th, 2001 as reason for the sacrifices – by Federal employees – of a small part of their automatic pay … Continue reading

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It Can’t Happen Here, Right? Part Two.

ObamaCare will be better for seniors even though Obama himself has promised to wring “saving” out of Medicare to pay for his program, right? Because our politicians will be able to avoid any problems, political constraints or shortages with their … Continue reading

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Forget Tea Leaves…

…Reading the pant leg crease is the new tool for divination. In the spring of 2005, New York Times columnist David Brooks arrived at then-Senator Barack Obama’s office for a chat. Brooks, a conservative writer who joined the Times in … Continue reading

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Double-Digit Dem Drop?

According to various experts, it is quite likely that Democrats will lose a bunch of seats come November, 2010. At the mid-August Netroots Nation convention, Nate Silver, a Democratic analyst whose uncannily accurate, stat-driven predictions have made his website … Continue reading

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Going To War

There are a lot of opinions out there right now on this Washington Post story. It seems that extremely high value information was extracted from a few al Qaeda terrorists through so-called harsh interrogation  tactics. After enduring the CIA’s harshest … Continue reading

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Something Ugly

Mark Steyn on the silence of the sycophants. Tweet

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“The Oligopoly Has Tightened”

The words of Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s, as quoted in this Washington Post story. It seems that the champion of the people, Barack Obama, has been encouraging the consolidation of big banks, leaving consumers with fewer and … Continue reading

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Best Friends

I’m not actually sure whether this shows Ted Kennedy or Ed Klein to have the worse moral compass. It seems that Klein revealed that one of Teddy’s absolute favorite forms of humor was hearing jokes about Chappaquiddick – where Kennedy … Continue reading

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It Can’t Happen Here, Right?

ObamaCare will be better than anything that has already been tried in other countries because we have the “best and brightest” ever working on it. Right? Sure, Obama has admitted targeting Medicare for “savings” but things will be even better … Continue reading

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The FDIC has reported some truly dismal numbers: The agency reported that the banking industry lost $3.7 billion in the second quarter amid a surge in bad loans made to home builders, commercial real estate developers and small and midsize … Continue reading

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Punishing Poll Numbers

Rasmussen reports that a flat majority of Americans now oppose the health care “reform” efforts. These are dismal numbers for Democrats: The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey show that 43% of voters nationwide favor the plan working its way … Continue reading

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Stimulus Follies

I’ll let you go over and read the words of Thomas F. Cooley and Peter Rupert. (Cooley is the the Paganelli-Bull professor of economics and Richard R. West dean of the NYU Stern School of Business. Rupert is a professor … Continue reading

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The Bitter Fruit Of The “Recovery”

Every report I have read or heard today about the housing numbers has been positively glowing. A great, unexpected leap in new home sales! The End of the Recession as we Know it! Reality, however, is not anywhere near as … Continue reading

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Unsustainable, that’s what you are Unsustainable! Wait! I’ll fund your new car Like some kind of leftist killer bee I’ll rampage through your treasury Never before has someone been more Unsustainable in every way And forever more, you’ll have to … Continue reading

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Christian Charity

The Anchoress on Ted Kennedy. Tweet

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