Against Government Control Of Your Life?

Then read this in its entirety.

Now, I don’t think “Soylent Green”-style solutions are coming down the pike. But every nationalized health-care system to one degree or another rations care based on the quality of life and number of “life years” a procedure will yield. That’s perfectly reasonable. If you put me in charge of everyone’s health care, I would do that, too. That’s a really good argument for not giving me — or anyone else — that power.

When it comes to civil liberties, liberals are often distrustful of government power. But, for reasons that baffle me, they are quite comfortable with Uncle Sam getting into the business of deciding, or providing “guidance” on, which lives are more valuable than others.

A government charged with extending life expectancy must meddle not just with our health care, but with what we eat, how we drive, how we live. A government determined to cut costs must meddle not just with how we live, but how we die.

I’ve been pointing out for some time that the left in this country is far from liberal. Quite the opposite, they are more authoritarian than the culture that the Woodstock generation rebelled against.

I do not want the government getting access to my health care records. I do not want them in my bank account. I do not want them deciding what medical treatments I will be allowed. In short, I don’t want any of what they are trying to ram down America’s throat.

We must not sacrifice our liberty for a so-called “reform” that is much worse than the system it is supposed to be replacing.

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  1. ttueoop says:

    I hope you don’t mind but I linked this post to a post in my blog.

    You’re so very on the mark here and saying much of what I’ve been piping up about as well.

    If there’s any aversions to my linking this post please let me know via email and I’ll remove the link.

  2. Mockingbird says:

    I live in Florida, where we have some of the very best healthcare and hospitals/clinics in the world.
    Also some of the very best insurance companies in the world.

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