Forget Tea Leaves…

Reading the pant leg crease is the new tool for divination.

In the spring of 2005, New York Times columnist David Brooks arrived at then-Senator Barack Obama’s office for a chat. Brooks, a conservative writer who joined the Times in 2003 from The Weekly Standard, had never met Obama before. But, as they chewed over the finer points of Edmund Burke, it didn’t take long for the two men to click. “I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging,” Brooks recently told me, “but usually when I talk to senators, while they may know a policy area better than me, they generally don’t know political philosophy better than me. I got the sense he knew both better than me.”

That first encounter is still vivid in Brooks’s mind. “I remember distinctly an image of–we were sitting on his couches, and I was looking at his pant leg and his perfectly creased pant,” Brooks says, “and I’m thinking, a) he’s going to be president and b) he’ll be a very good president.” In the fall of 2006, two days after Obama’s The Audacity of Hope hit bookstores, Brooks published a glowing Times column. The headline was “Run, Barack, Run.”

If you go read the whole thing, I will not be responsible. You have to bring your own airsickness bag.

If I ever sell out in exchange for access to a politician, I’ve instructed my family to pull the plug on my computers – with a sledgehammer. 

Excuse me for a bit. I have to go wash my eyes out with Lysol after that little article.

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4 Responses to Forget Tea Leaves…

  1. gary gulrud says:

    Brooks, a conservative, hired by the Grey Ho in their resolute efforts to thoroughly examine the issues? That Brooks, the PBS commentator employed in their customary endeavor to hear from the entire political spectrum?

    No, no I shan’t.

  2. Phineas says:

    Remember also that Brooks is the one who confessed a few weeks ago that he sat uncomplaining through a dinner while an unnamed Republican senator had his hand on his leg under the table:

    I used to like Brooks a lot, but there’s something increasingly creepy about him.

  3. Sam L. says:

    I believe he’s a CILO–conservative in label only.

  4. martian says:

    Well, in all fairness, he did get one out of two right – Obama IS president, unfortunately. I also have to wonder if Brooks felt a thrill running up his leg while he was having that conversation?

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