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Crossing The Line

Interesting. It appears Nebraska is recognizing concealed carry permits from other states: That’s the word from the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office, which was required by a new state law to determine which states have comparable concealed handgun permit laws to … Continue reading

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Running On Empty

That’s the night the lights went out in Georgia Britain: Official papers show that consumers will be hit by an ‘energy gap’ when a number of existing power stations are shut down. Nine oil and coal-fired power plants are to close … Continue reading

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As The World Turns – Down Under

A series of scandals starring Australian Labor Party politicians from New South Wales is threatening the regional government – and the national government of Kevin Rudd as well. The departure of Mr Della Bosca, one of Labor’s most experienced ministers, over … Continue reading

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One Possible Upside To The Downside?

The Christian Science Monitor: With people desperate for income, downward mobility may be on the way up. News reports show long lines of applicants for a janitor’s job or for work at a factory after a federal raid clears out … Continue reading

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The Great Wall Of Foreclosure

Much has been made in the media about a “turnaround” in the housing sector. Yet another “green shoot” predicting a recovery. Only it is a mirage of an illusion. There’s a big, old wall rushing toward the housing market. A … Continue reading

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That Sinking FDIC Feeling

The Wall Street Journal: It isn’t as if regulators don’t understand the problem. Earlier this year they quietly asked Congress to provide up to $500 billion in Treasury loans to repay depositors. The FDIC can draw up to $100 billion … Continue reading

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