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And Then A Miracle Happens!

I’ve been an engineer in the utility industry for a long time, as regular readers know. I’ve spent a lot of my life just trying to keep the lights on. Since I have been blogging, I’ve even tried educating people … Continue reading

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The Dam Breaks

Aside from Jake Tapper, the MSM has largely ignored Van Jones, the self-described communist, self-indicted 9/11 “truther” and defender of Cop-killer Wesley Cook. Until now (or soon-to-be-now). In a story datelined 9/5/09 (I wrote this post on 9/4/09), The Washington … Continue reading

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The Damage Done

Think it’s bad now, economically speaking? Just wait. The rest of the iceberg is coming into view: The long recession and rising joblessness are taking an increasing toll on the nation’s most credit-worthy borrowers, who are now falling behind on … Continue reading

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How Much More?

How much more is going to come out about the communist, troofer-trash Obama adviser Van Jones? We know that Obama is still employing the “Czar” – after all, he still works for the administration. But how much more damage will … Continue reading

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The Politico Channels Joe Biden

Actually, I wish I was making this up. From Politico: Czars are not a new part of White House life: President Lyndon B. Johnson tasked a series of White House advisers to handle various aspects of World War II in … Continue reading

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Van Meet Bus, Part The Second

Marc Ambinder’s spot at The Atlantic (post written by Chris Good) notes the very faint support from the White House for Czar Van the First: At his daily press briefing Friday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said of … Continue reading

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Bipolar Harry

Kimberly Strassel looks at the two faces of Reid: In the Aug. 6 edition of the Las Vegas Sun, readers saw an op-ed by Harry Reid. “I have never taken up the Washington hobby of pointing fingers for political gain,” … Continue reading

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Unemployment Rises To 9.7%

Lovely: The U.S. unemployment rate jumped to a 26-year high of 9.7% in August as nonfarm payrolls fell by 216,000, the 20th consecutive monthly decline, the Labor Department estimated Friday. U.S. payrolls have dropped by 6.9 million to 131.2 million … Continue reading

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Van Meet Bus

I’m starting a pool, I think. When do you suppose that Barack Obama will throw Czar Van the First under the bus? A self-proclaimed communist and a 9/11 “truther” to boot, Van Jones is now a severe liability for the … Continue reading

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