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Whoopsie: As the Cold War bomber shot towards the air show crowd, retired RAF pilot Bob Prothero knew he had to act… and fast. The 75-ton Victor was only meant to have slowly taxied down the runway and stop for … Continue reading

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How We Got To Where We Are

A history of how the national debt got as bad as it has in such a relatively few years. With an additional lesson on how bad it is going to get in America unless we force some changes on Washington. Instead, … Continue reading

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$30.5 Billion

That’s the estimated potential  cost to US taxpayers to provide health care insurance to illegal immigrants under the House bill now pending. While the bill specifically claims to not allow illegals to enroll, the bill contains no enforcement for that … Continue reading

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Hey! Let’s Put On A Show!

“We’ve gotta have a great show, with a million laughs… and color… and a lot of lights to make it sparkle. And songs – wonderful songs. And after we get the people in that hall, we’ve gotta start em in … Continue reading

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