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Goin’ Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down

With apologies to Don Nix. Obama gave his big “game changer” speech last night. Only nobody much seems to think it changed much. The left is hyperventilating over the remark by one, obscure South Carolina Republican member of the House, … Continue reading

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Hitting The Highway

John Stossel is leaving ABC and moving to Fox. In October, I will join the folks at Fox. I plan to do a one hour prime time show every week on FBN, the Fox Business Channel, and contribute to various … Continue reading

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Rude Roundup

The left is in a snit over Joe Wilson’s outburst last night. Glenn Reynolds has a roundup of past boorishness by Democrats in the hallowed halls of Congress. Some of which used the exact same language. It’s a bit hard … Continue reading

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