Psst! You Get To Pay For It!

Obama’s solution to illegal immigrants and health care: Make them instantly legal and give ’em all the health care we can afford to pay for for them.

In other words, not only should everyone pay for Americans to get health care, we should pay for health care for those who came here illegally. That’s going to be a winning argument in 2010, especially in Blue Dog districts! We’re going to bust the budget and infringe on your personal choices, and we’re going to make you pay for insurance for illegal immigrants!

Obama is on record stating that American seniors should maybe get a handful of pills rather than that hip replacement. He has other plans for that money, apparently.  

This one could cost him the entire senior vote.

Any illusion that ObamaCare is about the welfare of American taxpayers just went out the window.

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  1. Tom says:

    Trading the senior vote (short-term) for the immigrant vote (long-term)…with tax dollars…

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