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Spin, Whitewash, Spin, Repeat – Part The Second

The LA Times sort of reports on the ACORN scandal – while completely – and I mean completely – erasing the California connection to the trail of slime that ACORN has left behind. In the latest controversy, ACORN workers in … Continue reading

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Completely Mad

So, you’re in charge of a man who murdered an elderly woman, was tried and was found to be criminally insane. Said criminally insane individual has a history of escaping custody since being found to be criminally insane. Said criminally insane … Continue reading

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“Harmless As An Enemy And Treacherous As A Friend”

Bernard Lewis, quoted by Mark Steyn in his column today. Steyn is writing about Obama’s decision to withdraw missile defense from Eastern European allies. Vladimir Putin is no longer president but he is de facto czar. And he thinks it’s … Continue reading

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