Completely Mad

So, you’re in charge of a man who murdered an elderly woman, was tried and was found to be criminally insane. Said criminally insane individual has a history of escaping custody since being found to be criminally insane. Said criminally insane murderer and escape artist actually scares hell out of a psychiatrist sent to examine him. What do you do?

Why, it should be obvious. Send him to the fair with money in his pocket.

A review has been launched on the incident along with the policy that allows patients to take trips, said Susan Dreyfus, secretary of the state’s Department of Social and Health Services.

Dreyfus said she was concerned about Paul’s escape and another recent brief escape by a patient at a different local mental facility.

“These incidents, separate and coincidental, have raised serious questions about the security readiness of our two state psychiatric hospitals,” Dreyfus said.

(Phillip) Paul was committed to Eastern State Hospital after admitting he strangled and slit the throat of community activist Ruth Motley in 1987, KREM-TV reported. According to court documents obtained by KREM, Paul believed Motley was a witch and killed her in response to voices in his head.

He subsequently burned a deer carcass as a sacrifice, according the documents.

The extent of Paul’s illness was disturbing even to mental health professionals, KREM reported.

“He’s the only paranoid schizophrenic — I’ve seen hundreds, maybe thousands of them — that frightened me,” Dr. Frank Hardy, a licensed psychiatrist, says in one of the documents, according to KREM. “The first time I took one look at him — and I’ve never done this before or since — I asked the jailer to remain in the room while I examined him.

“I believe he would respond to his delusions and his voices again” if released, Hardy wrote.

So if you live in Washington state, you now have a lunatic on the loose due to the actions of the lunatics supposedly in charge of keeping you safe.  

I suspect that there should be another definition of criminally insane.

Believe it or not, it actually gets worse that the CNN report. ABC News reports that Paul was at some point actually given a conditional release – and fathered a child during that time out of the facility.

A Yakima County judge had ruled two weeks ago that Paul remained a threat to the public because of his aggressive behavior and his decreased awareness of his psychosis, The Spokesman-Review reported Saturday.

The Spokane newspaper reported that Paul had repeatedly tried to win full release from his court-ordered commitment, especially after fathering a child with a woman during a conditional release.

Pray they catch this guy before something really bad happens. The ABC report has a fairly good picture of Paul for you Washington state folks.

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5 Responses to Completely Mad

  1. Bleepless says:

    But every good liberal knows that Iran/North Korea/Hezbollah/insane killers will respond with love and warmth if we but show them enough trust.

  2. Sean the Maggot says:

    Guess where I live….


  3. Robin says:

    What’s even better? He took a backpack full of clothes with him to the fair…and no one noticed, or checked, or thought his full backpack odd in the least. They don’t check the contents of backpacks of criminally insane murderers before they take them out for a “field trip”?

  4. This is an example of the need for inpatient mental health facilities for those found criminally insane to use and abide by valid and reliable assessments of dangerousness. Making decisions about level of security, community contacts, levels of structure, safety procedures, and parole and probation decisions without such tools are foolish and dangerous. Forensic examinations including valid and reliable risk assessment tools are not routinely used and adhered to in every facility, but they need to be. What we know is that clinical judgment of the risk of future dangerousness (re-offending, escapes) is little better than chance. So, without using valid risk assessment tools, those making decisions to let dangerous inmates or patients into the community with lower levels of security will be wrong about 45-48% of the time if they rely on clinical judgment alone. When instruments that improve this decision making process are available, not using them, is not good practice.

    Sadly, they didn’t need a risk tool to figure this one out, but if they had used one, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  5. Bleepless says:

    Something else Washington does is release convicted rapists who are recognized — even by the bureaucracy! — to be deadly dangerous. If they are too vicious to stomach, their living arrangements are monitored. Lucky, lucky Washingtonians.

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